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Uplifted Child (Not a happy person)

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Added on 13 September 2022

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music written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Vinny ILL at home, september 2022
Words and vocals from :

- Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder 1944)
- Attack of the 50ft woman (Nathan Juran 1958)
- Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese 1976)
I kept my hands in my pockets because I thought they were shaking.

I put on dark glasses so people couldn't see my eyes. And then I took them off again so they wouldn't get to wondering why I wore them.

Yes, I killed him. I killed him for money and for a woman. And I didn't get the money and I didn't get the woman. Pretty, isn't it?

My husband. Hah. My gigolo, that's what you are. You're a miserable parasite. You're just after my money.

And when I came inside and I met you, I saw in your eyes, and I saw the way you carried yourself, that you're not a happy person.

Not a happy person

Not a happy person

Not a happy person

Not a happy person.

I don't know. That's about the dumbest thing I ever heard

Is that why you stand at your window looking at us?

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