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Added on 6 October 2022

In Your Face
Year of creation
High Voltage
rock, hard rock

Credits and thanks

A huge thank you goes to Fabio Chiantera, the movie god, for visualising the song in such an impressive way – we're always blown away by your skills!

Another massive thank you goes out to Curdin Fleischhauer and Jannik Feldberger of Newground Studio (https://www.newground-network.ch) and Bernd Rieger of Talent Academy (https://www.talent-academy.ch) for recording the songs.

Big thanks also to Yvo Petrzilek of Verwaltzen Productions for giving the songs so much f*cking punch in the mix!!

Also, there are so many people who support us day by day. Without your help, Voltage Arc wouldn't be what it is – so big f*ucking thanks to you:
- Thomas «Teddy» Eichenberger for keeping all the ducks in a row
- Jan Zisiwiler for the iron fist from the artwork and your creativity
- The Whisky Club who helps us to stay drunk
- Voltage Arc Crew, the craziest and most fucked up Fanclub in the world
- Emanuel Kieser, the Wood-Dude, the fire will burn forever
- Adrian Baumann for bringing Voltage to the Arc
- Simon Deubelbeiss for the nicest door in town
- Cheyenne and Dr. Simon (gG&HJ), you make a rockin’ night go round
- Our Families, Ladies and all our Friends, your support means the world to us
- And especially our neighbours, free earmuffs every time you want!

19 plays