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Added on 12 October 2022

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Spiral Core
depeche mode, new wave pop, new wave

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October 12, 2022 / Basel, Switzerland — Written as a tribute to one of Spiral Core's most notable influences, the new single "Words" pays homage to Depeche Mode, the world-renowned electronic music group that defined the sound of the '80s.
Reading like an open letter, "Words" expresses deep honesty about the artistic process. Lines such as "Often feels like a first draft / But I know it'll be worthwhile" recognize the profound struggle of rising to the level of such an inimitable musical force. As trailblazing musicians, Depeche Mode hold a particularly pivotal position of influence on Spiral Core. Beyond their instrumentals and lyrics, the unique mood-creating magic of their sound has endured for decades — a magic that Spiral Core has tapped into for "Words."
The new single joins a catalogue of songs from Spiral Core that draw inspiration from numerous artists and genres scattered throughout the spacetime continuum, seamlessly woven together like cosmic strings into something beautiful, benevolent, and transformative.

Mastered by Camilo Silva at Camilo Silva F Mastering.

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