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Strong Woman

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Added on 24 November 2022

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roots reggae, feminism

Credits and thanks

‚Strong Woman‘, an ode to women* from an intersectional perspective.
The tune is an expression of solidarity. It shall inspire you to STAND UP for your personal dreams and desires.
YeSs! Keep it going Queeens*

My greatest thanks goes too:

•the women* in my life that inspired me to write this song /mama/fatima/sisters*/and many more
• @azachakra for singing these amazing backing vocals with one of the most special angleVoices i‘ve heard so far. your one inna million, and i always got your back nmw♥️🤞🏽
• @jamila.li for creating this most amazing artwork for the single and the upcoming album. And for always being the one who said ‚keep going sis! You got this‘ i love you♥️
• @eliasjoho for taking these amazing pictures and the magic fotoshoot we had together ♥️🧚🏾
•@ralf.schick for mixing the song. I thank you for ALL the selfless support and knowledge you shared with me. I highly appreciate that and you are a brother to me fr🙏🏽✨
• @the_mighty_roots for playing this wonderful music with me, only love brothers!
•Peter Sterchi for your time to record that piece at Shantistudios. Thankyou!
• @dansuter_echochamber for mastering of the song. Your work is amazing!
•Frik Rechtsteiner for editing the tune with me. and the hours of work you were willing to put in 🙏🏽♥️
• Louis Waeber & @mc.spirit for playing the greatest hornsection and the fun times we had at studios. you and your trompets are going places fellas, i tell u that. thx for sharing your talent with me♥️
•Daniel Meyer for playing the bariton sax. for jumping in so spontaneously.
•last but not least i want to thank the reggaemusic that accompanied my life so far and gave me soooo much good feelings and inspiration

All these ppl made it happen.
Go and listen!
happy and proud yours truly

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