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“Well I think I was happy up to the age of about 9. Very carefree and I believed in magic which influenced me a good bit. And then at nine I was rather disillusioned and I stopped believing in elves and Santa Clause and all this little beneficent powers and became more realistic and depressed I think.”

I have vanished
in front of my own eyes
several times to see
that there needs to be nothing left of me.

We imagine all those worlds to come to realize
they only set us apart under the same set of stars.
Until all that is left will perish in the fire
we set with our own desire.

“It is because the truth they try to catch is many-sided, and they convey it by being many-sided, flashing first this way then that. Thus they mean one thing to one person, another thing to another person.”

A finite amount of truth ushered over our youth
proclaimed by the sane will be gone in vain
May we find less than our own vanity
in the ashes of such sanity

“And also what one does end up believing even if it’s shifts it has an effect upon the life that you live for the life that you choose to live or try to live so it’s an endless an unanswerable quest.“

Until there is nothing left is where we can start from.
Until there is nothing left is where we can start from.

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Maevia Griffith & Samuel Poirier

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