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Rewind (Official Video)

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Added on 16 May 2023


"Juicy Lemon Club brings a heated ode to the night. Their new single Rewind captures the
very essence of a vibrant nightlife by exploring the precariously thin line between an
all-consuming euphoria and a stirring sense of bottomless melancholy.
Accompanied by an infectious beat somewhere between indie, pop and disco, the
hookline "let this night last forever" expresses the unfulfillable desire to make fleeting
nightly moments of effortless joy last. And yet, the line “oh this precious time” recognizes
that it is the certain transience of that same moment that makes it so desirable.
Rewind was recorded with producer Philippe Laffer at Alterna Recording Studios and its
release kicks off an exciting year for Juicy Lemon Club. The journey will culminate in the
release of their debut EP via the stages of various festivals (including Gurtenfestival).
Before that, the BandX-Nordwest winners will earn their spurs internationally (e.g. Berlin,
Leipzig, Heidelberg, etc.). We may well be curious about what they have in store for us."

Year of creation
Silvio Pfiffner
rewind, juicy lemon club

Credits and thanks

Directed by Silvio Pfiffner
Creative Direction by Silvio Pfiffner & Juicy Lemon Club


Flurina Kühne
Berenice Courvoisier
Juan Helou
Philippe Pavlu
Timon Sarbach

Ariane Hess, Aliosha Todisco, Camilla Courvoisier, David Keller , Elena Pfyffer, Fabrice Voisard, Gwenn Gadient, Janis Widmer, Joschka Arida, June Bernoulli, Mariella Grieder, Matteo Kettner, Melody Widmer, Niklas Utermann, Olivia Merz, Paul Andres Elze, Sebastian Leonte, Simon Löw, Sophie Arnet, Vimal Schöttli

Production: Juicy Lemon Club
1st Camera Operator, Editor, Colorist: Silvio Pfiffner
2nd Camera Operator: Paula Thalmann
3rd Camera Operator: Olivia Sieber
Post Production: Juan Helou, Silvio Pfiffner


Written by Berenice Courvoisier
Composed by Berenice Courvoisier, Juan Helou, Philippe Pavlu, Timon Sarbach, Philippe Laffer
Arranged by Berenice Courvoisier, Juan Helou, Philippe Pavlu, Timon Sarbach
Performed by Juicy Lemon Club
Produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Philippe Laffer, Alterna Recording Studios, www.alternarecordingstudios.ch
Mastered by Oli Bösch, Livingroomstudio, Bern

All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.
© & Ⓟ 2023 Juicy Lemon Club

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