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Louis Jucker - March of the Fallen Scions (feat. Le Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain - NEC)

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Added on 14 September 2023


Taken from Louis Jucker & Le Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain "Suitcase Suite" LP, Humus Records september 2023
Song written and recorded using homemade suitcase instruments. All effects, sound treatments and distortions created by suitcase instruments.

This clip condenses 4 years of work around these suitcase-instruments. From the moment I started designing and testing the first cases, then rehearsing with the members of the NEC, to the final editing of the images, a multitude of different stages followed, with lots of things I didn't know how to do or hadn't imagined. Above all, a lot of great people were involved. I'm really grateful for all that. I've been lucky enough to be able to dive deep into a dream and share it with inspiring people. With this song, I'd like to be able to invite all these people with me in a giant suitcase and take off together towards something beautiful and intriguing.

Suitcase Suite
Year of creation
Humus Records
Gaspard Gigon

Credits and thanks

Shot by Gaspard Gigon assisted by Camille de Pietro. Cut by Gaspard Gigon & Louis Jucker.

Recorded by Louis Jucker & Charlie Bernath at Farrago, Crissier CH
Mixed by Louis Jucker
Mastered by Morgan Hug, assisted by Louis Jucker

Appearing on this video :

Louis Jucker, vocals and typewriter suitcase

Le Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain (NEC) :

Jean-François Lehmann, typewriter suitcase
Antoine Françoise, harmonium suitcase
Noëlle-Anne Darbellay, metallophone suitcase
Noëlle Reymond, waves suitcase
Julien Mégroz, radio suitcase

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