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Laddermen - Programmed for Pleasure (Official Music Video)

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Added on 17 November 2023


Solving the murder
With the killer in the room

I am nostalgic vision of a medieval building
The splendor of being subjected
To natures objectives
I’m not very effective
She saw the lipstick on the bottle cigarette
Questioning crime scene
Was she a brunette?
I’m programmed for pleasure
She’s private detective
So very objective
I’m not so selective
but I can be more reflective
She doesn’t respect it

(Be kind and come back to my life
I’ll take you slow by the fire side
Be mine we’ll take it all the way

Then she said
Be kind and come into my life
Be with me she said
Forgive all of the bad times
Marry me

La la la la la we’re living in a hopeless dream
La la la la la we’re acting on the silver screen

Solving the murder with the killer in room
Solving the murder with the killer in room

When love goes wrong nothing seems to go right
When love goes right nothing seems to go wrong

Year of creation
alternative rock, indie, alternative, post-punk, indie rock

Credits and thanks

Director and Cinematographer - Zabalik
Art Director - Marielos Cordero
Prop Master - David Ramirez
Art Assistants - Abril Jenkins Bianchini, Wilberth Ledezma, & Luis Rojas
Producer - César Sandi & Jacoob Lizano
Assistant Production - Gustavo Morales
Assistant Camera - José Moreira
Gaffer - Gilberto Valerio
Grip - Glen Vargas
Light truck - Esteban
Food - Toñito
Equipment - Cine House
Post Production - La Sala Post
Actor Daniel Marenco
Actress Flavia Bien
Makeup - Flory Mora

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