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Don't Go - Official Music Video

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Added on 18 January 2016

After the great KOBOI EP and the internationally acclaimed song and videoclip “It's Happening”, the transmedia artist KnoR presents his new project entitled “Don’t Go”. The 3 tracks music release features a music video and a mobile app. As a modern storyteller, KnoR reaches from pop music to virtual reality (VR) to spread a message of freedom. No less. KnoR's new EP „Don't Go“ is composed of two original tracks and a remix by Canson. The title track „Don't Go“ is a rich and surprising song: as the beat brings the listener back to the club, KnoR's lyrics are floating on a warm bass melody and are surrounded by a soundscape of rhythms with a very natural feel. The message of freedom articulated in the song is reinforced in the music video realized with Berlin based filmmaker Xaver Xylophon. The movie invites the audience to step back and think . Walking through his life, KnoR questions his relationship to this place we call home: a place with borders and a name. A place where we are often too easily fooled. The cornerstone of the release is the VR application developed with the computational artist Mativa and the Geneva based interactive studio apelab. “Don’t Go” becomes a virtual hideaway where the user can immerse in a surprising experience of audiovisual perception to forget his fears and the influence of daily media propaganda. Don’t Go. It’s easy to get in, but will you be able to get out? Video produced a fool's boost: http://afoolsboost.com Video directed by Xaver Xylophon and KnoR - Georg Bleikolm Music by KnoR - Georg Bleikolm Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knorlive Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/knor
Don't Go EP
Year of creation
Raoul Records
Georg Bleikolm

Credits and thanks

Produced by A Fool's Boost
Directed and edited by Xaver Xlophon
Written and co-Directed by Georg Bleikolm
Animation adapted from the "Purest of All Sounds" by Matthias Moos

Director of Photography - Dino Berguglia
Steadycom Operator - Giani Aldi

Tanks to Migros Kulturprozent and Stadt Zürich Kultur for the financial support

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