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Trust in the sea (GreenTrees&Coffee)

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Added on 9 December 2015


A song about the beauty of the sea and the healing power of time
"When ever I go down to the sea, I can hear these sounds from a band playing in the the deep - songs of the past and songs of the future all joining to a hymn of the moment. A hymn of the moment filling me up with life, giving me the feeling of the one freedom: Ihave all I need and I'm conducting my own life.

GreenTrees&Coffee: Songs und Sounds aus dem Schweizer Urwald
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Markus Rüeger /Eva Hurley

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An meine Band "GreenTrees&Coffee", an Marina Tanner, Pipes, an Eva Hurley und all die Freunde, die uns auf unserern Reisen begleiten.

79 plays