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Added on 30 December 2015

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Yesterday you were comparing things to things you meant to know
And these things were present in your WORLD No 1 – that's where your things show and glow.
So why should you look over this fence into WORLD No 2 or WORLD No 3?
You said to yourself - "These people and things over there in WORLD 2 and WORLD 3 could not be as precious as me."

How big could we be? – How loud would it get? – How fast would we end? This is your real life in WORLD No 1.

Today you should stop thinking human race be more special than anything been on this planet so far.
Since the planet's evolution for the past 4 billion years proceeded so well without our wars.
Don't you underestimate what you've got and don't you overestimate what you are.
Since this planet itself is not the center of the universe – but somewhere in the outer spaces....

Tomorrow as you'll get up go listen inside your own universe. It's so small – and yet – it's a part of it all. This is no Heavenly curse.
Whatever your shape is in which you're born into now – There is no Master's plan.
The cycle of life is some recycling process of the available stardust elements.

Stop thinking in days or years oder decades, too, a million years is something to yearn – for
The only impacts this planet's about to fear is an incoming meteorite or the sun to outburn – or
the mighty dark hole – at least, something we do not know
and yet, it won't be any kind of meta-physical existance or energy punishing us for our sins and our deeds.


125 plays