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Frozen to Death

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Added on 26 May 2016


Pop titans Kadebostany lay a solid foundation for universal conquest with this monumental video accompanying the epic “Frozen to Death”, first new song off their upcoming album “Soldiers of Love”, and first glimpse into the new expanded band and the territories they’ll take us to.

Menacing and haunting yet luminous at the same time, “Frozen to Death” boasts Kadebostany’s trademark distinctive and powerful music supported by a detonation of visual stimuli. Music of a rare beauty, where elegant orchestrations and horn ensembles form catchy melodies all bonded together by the sublime voice of Kristina, Kadebostany’s new singer and one of the best kept secrets of the Republic.

Golden reflections meet graceful silhouettes, breathtaking desert landscapes meet monumental sand waves colliding, the new aesthetics are unveiled. Visually and musically both, “Frozen to Death” is another outrageously ambitious performance by Kadebostany that sets the tone for the future of pop music.

Watch the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/yX4ygCqEcew

Soldiers of Love
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supermafia / D.Houncheringer, M.Eremita & V.Spoletini (http://supermafia.com)

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