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A night in... virtual reality

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Added on 4 September 2016

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(ppp, October 2014/May 2015/August 2016 – musical reference to Dizzy Gillespie's "Night in Tunesia")

INTRO "Welcome to Virtual Reality. Strap on the oculus and mind to open your mind."
VERSE: Happy landing in Tunisia – at the airport of Djerba been flown to old Karthago...
with a royal chopper to the rooftop of a topless bar.
Happy landing in Gibraltar – where J & Y were wed in white
Don't need to be afraid of getting cruzified …
for getting it on tonight with some cute Avatars in bed…

CHORUS1: Let me join this holiday, a cyber trip through VR-glass
Leads my mind elsewhere - out of my blue head
Gotta grow within to augment reality...
"Get all virtual – it's as real as you can see
Get her tied up, she's wet as she can be. She said
She'd be a substitute whenever you'd be in need…"
It's better than ordinary travelling
Don't be a square – you'd better come along, too.
How many 'shades of grey' can you afford to buy?
One, two, three, four, five, six – or Seven.

VERSE: Happy unboarding in Barcelona – at the ancient Port of Vell
strolling up and down the Ramblas
to see all kind of acrobats and gloomy demons from Hell.
"Demons? Who is telling such rubbish? Demons? What demons?
You'd better take off the oculus."
Happy unboarding in Monte Carlo – at the Port of Hercules
gambling Black Jack at the Casino
and being escorted by two charming long legged Avatar cuties...

CHORUS2: Let me join this holiday, a radiant trip through VR-glass
Leads my mind elsewhere - out of my blue head
Gotta grow within to augment reality...
"Are you staring at her thigh gap there?
And the bikini bridge, too, your wife does not wear? She said
She'd also be a virgin nun whenever you'd need her to swear."
It's saver than ordinary travelling
It's saver trips and saver sex and saver lies
No bomb attacks nor shootings except on your demand
Try once, twice, three, four, five times – it's Heaven.

"Virtual reality is better than 'the real thing', so to say… isn't it?"
"Hey, listen to me. Don't go there; it's no good. With virtual reality you are
waking up the demons inside of you."
"Hahahaha… Demons! Such a good laugh."
"Demons from Hell… Lad, you must be joking." …. What is true, then?

45 plays