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Al-Berto & the Fried Bikinis - La Seña

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Added on 6 September 2016


I love to fail, because it is a good sign (la seña) that I am pushing my limits. And I love the process of “failing, adjusting and trying it all over again” until some progress starts to appear. No matter if it’s surfing, climbing, writing songs, performing songs or editing music videos. It’s always that same long and painful process. It reminds me of our drive when we were kids and were so eager to walk on our own. It took us many falls until we could walk as effortless as today.
‘La Seña’ (the sign in Spanish) is about failing as a good sign, that I am pushing my limits … no one, no one will do it foooor me :)

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Bikini Atoll Vibrations
Albert Wuersch

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