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"Happiness" Projektvideo für Wemakeit-Kampagne

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Added on 4 March 2017

Speziell für unser Wemakeit-Projekt haben wir den Song ’Happiness’ komponiert: Happiness and peace, or just a little piece of duo Sybe’s cheese; share this please! Refrain: If you like it, we’re gonna make it, if you don’t, we won’t. Truthfulness and joy, what a beautiful toy, sweet or salty voice, music’s our choice. Unify and purify, let us sing and justify, music’s our passion, not just a fashion. Happiness and peace, maybe more than one piece, would you join us please for duo Sybe’s cd release? If you like it, unterstütze uns hier: https://wemakeit.com/projects/debut-cd-und-video-duo-sybe
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