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Looking Back (Official Video)

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Added on 24 March 2017

Year of creation
Spectacular Spectacular
Stefan Fitzner

Credits and thanks

We Invented Paris - Looking Back
Official Video

Directed by Stefan Fitzner
Camera by Nico Schmied, Francois Flückiger,
Harald Friesewinkel & Stefan Fitzner
Make Up & Costumes by Anja Lareida & Leonie Krail
Choreography by Leonie Krail & Annekäthi Hofstetter
Production Management by Johanna Bühler & Flavian Graber
Runner: Michael Weibel & Harald Friesewinkel
Postproduction & Motion Design by Release me, I’m Restless & Stefan Fitzner
Graphic Design by Johanna Bühler
Ice Dancers: Team Saphire Basel

Special Thanks to
ED Basel-Stadt - Dept. Sportamt, KEB St. Margarethen Basel,
Giorgio Lutz, Peter Portmann, Daniel Bossart,
EHC Basel & EHC Binningen Eagles
Nico Schmied, Agentur Fadeout GmbH
Hubbuch Media AG, RFV Basel,
Kulturhotel Guggenheim Liestal,
Fam Graber

Looking Back
Written by Flavian Graber, Carey Willets,
Bruce Kloeti, Joël Fonsegrive
Produced by Bruce Kloeti
Co-produced by Carey Willets
Recorded by Bruce Kloeti
Drums recorded by Stefan Schneider
Mixed by Johann Seifert & Stefan Schneider
Mastered by Christian Wright

© 2017 Spectacular Spectacular

416 plays