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Added on 24 May 2017

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After ten years and concerts in locations like Dynamo Zürich, Gaswerk Winterthur, Grabenhalle St. Gallen, Gare De Lion Wil, Openair rockamweier Wil as support act for great Reggae artists like The Aggrolites, Keith & Tex, The Upsessions, The Caroloregians, Russkaja, Raggabund, The Offenders and many more, the six heads of the only and certainly most amazing Reggae band in the whole canton of Thurgau in eastern Switzerland have moved their repertoire to the studio to record “Fundamental”. The digital/vinyl-EP, dropping in spring 2017, contains a whole decade of blood, sweat, tears and musical development. You don’t want to miss that.

For Jar, good vibes, positive energy and fun in music are fundamental. For the audience, dancing until dawn to sweeping tunes is fundamental. For the organisers, an ecstatic party is fundamental. The band took all of these requirements and bundled them as a four song long vinyl package with the help of producer Gavin Maitland in the Star Track Studios, Schaffhausen. And if someone needs some more, the matching live show is filled with surprises. That there will be no leg not moving, is a promise.

Musically on “Fundamental”, modern Reggae melts with traditional Ska, experimental influences from the experience of each band members with time-proven Early Reggae. Like the vintage Hammond organ with Leslie amp that gets a boost from modern distortion pedals and echo devices, the bands music too gives in to this symbiosis between tradition and progress. This creates a unique sound that just doesn't leave you cold. In summer, it fits right in and in winter, it keeps you warm.


2118 plays