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Green In Green

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Added on 18 August 2017

Deep Sea Dream
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Little Jig Records

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Hanreti is Mario Hänni (Drums), Rees Coray (Bass), Jeremy Sigrist (Guitars) & Timo Keller (Guitars, Keys, Vocals). Music by Timo Keller. Lyrics by Timo Keller & Béla Rothenbühler. Produced, recorded and mixed by Timo Keller at Studio vom Dach, Lucerne. Mastering by Rob Viso. Additional Horns recorded by Deezl Imhof at Foolpark Studios. Horn Arrangements by Timo Keller & Aurel Nowak. Choir Arrangement by Timo Keller & Christoph Rolla. M49 provided by Sven Mafli.

305 plays