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Killing me smile

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Added on 31 August 2017

It's not - or is it - what it seems
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Maggie Dear belonged to these civilized people searching for their idols, stars of entertainment or of Royalty.
So thrilled Maggie is to share a part of "their lives" thru TV and world wide web2 - and all them stories and rumours, they turn her own.

Please, don't you die before [I do] really worship [your] death would be killing me smile
My life'd be wasted without you a strange infertile wasteland with nothing to be nourished from today.

Maggie Dear sat still when she heard the sad news her Lady Di had died - she went on sitting for another day.
So sick, Maggie felt, and lonely and misunderstood from most of her clean friends, and even her cleaning job went down the drain…


The late Maggie T. was found after another 2 weeks in her bedroom closet
She was positioned by her Lady Di's shrine - the shrine was decorated with lots of odds and ends.
"Police report was simply titled 'suicide in private'
No further investigations ordered by Detective Rusty Skyver
The case was clear, the facts all here, one more coffin was closed –
and inside the corpse of a human being
who devoted her life to the…"
World of stars and red carpet glamour – celebrities 'en vogue'.


(BBC radio broadcast from August 31th 1997).

180 plays