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Train to Nowhere

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Added on 7 September 2017

The Other Side
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Credits and thanks

This musical album is the result of many helping hands, lovely spontaneous collaborations with musicians and artists, and the support of our fans and families.
We wouldn’t have made it without being part of an amazing community.
Thank you.

Adaya Lancha Bairacli: Lead vocals, guitar, banjo, bouzouki, shrutibox, piano
Aaron Goldsmith: Guitarron, contrabass, bass harmonica, sitar bass, back vocals
Buck Curran: Ambient electric guitar
Frederik Rechsteiner: Drums
Moniek de Leeuw: Violin
Benny Langfur: Electric Sitar
Fernando Noriega: Electric guitar, viola
Bran Mugshot: Singing saw
Amanda Blackshaw: Trumpet on "Human Race"
Katy Crewdson: Back vocals on "Irish Sea"

Recorded and Produced by Adaya & Aaron

Mixed and mastered by Fredy Schnyder

Front cover artwork: Michel Villard

Design by Mister Butler

Recorded in 432Hrz.

24 plays