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Scary Atmosfear

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Added on 12 October 2017

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Hello you seem kind of new to me but that’s no surprise
People take time to notice my disguise
Anyway, pal, I’m glad we could meet
So let me explain how we will work bit by bit
The rules are goddamn simple, a child’s play
It’s quite dishonest but who cares today?
Just sell your goods and let me appear
And people won’t stop buying, it’s crystal clear

I am the substance full of promise
The magical ingredient for your success
I’m inside of everyone but lots cannot see
That I control you anytime though you create me

So scary atmosphere (oh noooo....)

So here I come - Hello people! - Oh I love those faces
Terrified pale masks with no happy traces
You’re anxious and anguished, I got you my dears
And that’s no problem you can solve by shedding tears
So let the fight begin, try to wipe me out
Take out your money, make it shout, shout, shout
Let the gold speak louder than me
For the desperate illusion that I might let you free

Buy some guns, buy a fence
Pills, doctors, usual medical expense
Buy a car, buy a house, buy the time to forget
Buy the same stuff people always get

I’m the knife of your rotten thoughts
And quite sadly, you need me, you love me, you hate me
I slice your soul but save your bones
‘Til the glory where you’ll be living days peacefully
So scary atmosphere (oh noooo....)

When you’re chained to me, your life seems so tough
I'm the most useful tool rich men ever thought of but
Don’t let me be and you’ll be free... And happy


421 plays