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Hyenas on the Beach

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Added on 16 January 2018

Shifting between the worlds, rising from the dead, smoking an octopus and rolling on a segway to heaven.
'ii' - 12" Vinyl (sold out) & Digital NTRY028
Year of creation
NiceTry Records
Tobias Nölle

Credits and thanks

Boy: Badara Dia, Woman: Zainab Lascandri, Scientist 1: Alireza Bayram, Scientist 2: Michal Holy, Man in the Trailer: Rudolf Tröndle — Director & Editor: Tobias Nölle, Director of Photography: Simon Guy Fässler, Production: www.8horses.ch, Line Producers: Michela Pini & Jonathan Hug, Chief Lighting Technician: Esther Mattei, Production Design: Mirjam Zimmermann, Set Decorator: Dario Pina, Costume Supervisor: Regula Rohner, Make-up Artist: Marina Aebi, Assistant Camera: Jeannot Joller, Production Assistant: Rudolf Tröndle, Catering: Andy Koller, Special Effects: Mike Raths, Color Grading: Roger Somm & Simon Guy Fässler, Additional Costume: Simona Schneider & Linda Dürst, Choreographic Counsellor: Eva Maria Küpfer, Assistant Production Design: Natalina Zainal, Additional Editing: Mirjam Zimmermann. Mit Förderung des Migros-Kulturprozent. — Thank you: Corinna Glaus Casting, FTK, Roger Somm, Mike Raths, Simon Guy Fässler, Toposound, Nice Try Records, Regula Begert, Alice & Jeanette Blättler.

31965 plays