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Ajouté le 10 février 2018

TRANSLATION I hear some teeth grinding I see some characters giggling Big words coming from weak fighters Which might impress children I see some flickering sentences A tasteless alphabet soup So much dissing on such small monitors But I can't see any grimace behind it Oh man, so many bad vibes in this rap shit For you it's hot that I know my way That's why I don't give a shit about this whole hype They are as mature as fucking mold I'd rather dance, move and shake in my room And make glitter out of my glimmer Business is business I am so busy With my pissness Pissness I am so busy with my pissness I am so busy with my pissness I am so busy with my pissness Ey yo, I will let my tits and ass sponsor me Then I will at least get more likes, you know? You let the gold flow out That's why you need to pissy with your pissness
Trip Infinito
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Klaus-Michael Vetter

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Video by Klaus-Michael Vetter
➨ http://www.v-film.ch
➨ http://www.klaus-michael-vetter.com

Vocal mixing by Stefano Pettorossi
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Beat by Lavish Jax
➨ http://www.beatstars.com/lavishjax ‌

Mastering by finemastering
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