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Take this World in your Hands

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Added on 9 April 2018

Take this World in your Hands
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Foreword from Producer
Wayne P Sheehy
The early meetings with a client / artist can sometimes be the most informative. This proved to be the case when I first met Markus. It was a damp and wet Irish day and he suggested we walked and had our first meeting on the mountain! An old Swiss custom I wondered? A test of my connection with nature? It was in fact where he was most comfortable and at peace and this set the feel for the entire production. This album is about being connected, not about being cool (although it is very cool indeed). It’s about integrity, honesty, loyalty and most importantly authenticity. The cross pollination of an Irish man producing an eclectic group of Swiss musicians could have been a recipe for a rather too diverse piece of work. However this diversity has made it extra special. In the days of homogenized sounds, arrangements and production, this record stands out as a truly beautiful, organic, authentic and unique body of work. A composer who has travelled Ireland and Western Europe with a donkey and cart was always going to have a story to tell.
A band of Swiss academics and craftsmen were always going to have a different musical feel and then to top it off they go and choose a crazy Irishman like myself to produce, arrange and record it for them in a 200 year old converted farm house on the shores of the North Atlantic on the West coast of Ireland.
It was a pleasure to make this album and now I respectfully ask the listener do one thing. In these days of instant gratification, everything is a quick hit, a rush, a buzz! Please take the time to listen to this album, the stories, the music, the places it will take you to will be like a short but pleasant holiday from the occasional madness of this beautiful world.
Breathe the mountain air off this music

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