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Less Monday, More Summer

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Added on 22 June 2018


The seven starchateers have already spent half their lives on tour together, playing together all over the world, lived in an old hotel on the Appenzell country side and built their own music club. This shows: the groove of this crew is right. You can hear and see it wherever they show up, from the craziest basement shack to fancy jazz clubs to the big festivals of Montreux, Bangkok or Bangladesh.

starch plays groove music. In its own unmistakable way. Imaginative and without stylistic or geographical boundaries. The choruses reflect the lightness of being on the Australian beach. The instrumental solos spray the color-swelling 24 hour vibration of Asian cities. The raps and grooves breathe the coolness of European urbanity. Polyglot Funk, which takes the hearts of the public by storm in all over the world.

Less Monday - The Tuscany Session
Year of creation
Artwork by Renate Salzmann and Philippe Gertsch, Bern, Switzerland
sunshine, summer, happy, feel good, good vibes, radio, more summer, less monday, groovemusic, pop

Credits and thanks

Simon Winiger – Vocals, Bass
Christian "Raxx" Käufeler – Vocals, Rap, Saxophone, Flute
Andreas Tschopp – Trombone
Pascal Nägeli – Trumpet
Benjamin Stalder – Guitar
Manuel Winiger – Keys
Kay Rauber – Drums, Percussion

Recorded and mixed by Andrea Ciacchini at SAM Studios, Lari, Italy

Mastered by Peter Hewitt-Dutton at Metropolis Studios, London, England

Additional Vocal Recordings by Marc Sway at Nuala Studios, Pfaffhausen, Switzerland

Artwork by Renate Salzmann and Philippe Gertsch, Bern, Switzerland

Video by Pius Bacher and Philippe Gertsch

Photos by Anja Schori, Zürich, Switzerland

619 plays