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#ALCHIMY #GroundedMe #Single - CD Version and Masteuring by #ALCHIMY from our #New2018Album #BeyondTheShades

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Added on 23 August 2018

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All Rights for All Songs for our 2 albums belongs totally to ALCHIMY such as: Loane R - Nathalie S - Céline T / ALCHIMY
Our New Album : Beyond The Shades in Minneapolis-USA and Geneva SWITZERLAND RECORDED IS READY GUYS!
This album has been written and composed by ALCHIMY in Geneva Switzerland in 2017 and recorded in 2017 and mixing and masteuring in 2017 - 2018.
Recording Studio, Sound Engineers F5SoundHouse Studio Minneapolis – USA, Owen Sartori and Davide Raso 2017.
Voices recoding session, Mixing and Masteuring : Studio des Forces Motrices Geneva Switzerland by
David Weber 2017 - 2018
Compositor, songwriter, multi Instrumental player and the 3 Lead singers are:
Loane R : Multi instrumental composer, multiple guitars player and composer, bass guitar composer, percussions composer, keyboard composer.
Multi instrumental player, first lead vocal singer, and founder of ALCHIMY band.
Nathalie S: Lyrics writter, songwriter, vocals melodies composer, vocal arragements, second lead vocal singer and founder of ALCHIMY band.
Céline T : Vocal arrangements, third lead vocal singer and founder of ALCHIMY band.
The Great Additionnal Musiciens that are playing with us on our album: Album Beyond The Shades are from Minneapolis USA and Catalogne and they all have recorded at F5Soundhouse Studio.
- Dani Palou i Rubio : Drums and Percussions ( From Catalogne)
- Karl Koopman : Electrics and slide Guitars( Minneapolis)
- Cody MCKINNEY : Bass Guitars ( Minneapolis )
- Rob Meanny : Keyboards Player ( Minneapolis )
- Zack River : Cello Player ( Minneapolis )
All Rights for All Songs and all Albums belongs to #ALCHIMY Trio such as : #LoaneR #CélineT #NathalieS + IRSC Codes
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