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#BeyondTheShades 10 songs CD Version Masteurising #New2018Album #BeyondTheShades

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Added on 23 August 2018

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ALCHIMY Folk-Fusion 2018 New Album : Beyond The Shades all complet informations.

This album has been written and composed by ALCHIMY in 2017 in Geneva Switzerland.

Recording Studio, Sound Engineer and Producers : F5SoundHouse Studio Minneapolis – USA, Owen Sartori and Davide Raso.

The 3 Lead voices voices recording sessions + Mixage and Masteuring are in process now, october 2017 In the Studio des Forces Motrice, Geneva – Switzerland, by David Weber.

Compositor, songwriter, multi Instrumental player and the 3 Lead singers are :

Loane R : Multi instrumental composer, multiple guitars player and composer, bass guitar composer, percussions composer, keyboard composer.
All songs and all instruments composer.

In General :
Multi instrumental player, first lead vocal singer, and founder of ALCHIMY band.

Nathalie S: Lyrics writter, songwriter, vocals melodies composer, vocal arragements, second lead vocal singer and founder of ALCHIMY band.

Céline T : Vocal arrangements, third lead vocal singer and founder of ALCHIMY band.

The Great Additionnal Musiciens that are playing with us on our album: Album Beyond The Shades are from Minneapolis USA and Catalogne and they all have recorded at F5Soundhouse Studio.

- Dani Palou i Rubio : Drums and Percussions ( From Catalogne)
- Karl Koopman : Electrics and slide Guitars( Minneapolis)
- Cody MCKINNEY : Bass Guitars ( Minneapolis )
- Rob Meanny : Keyboards Player ( Minneapolis )
- Zack River : Cello Player ( Minneapolis )
- Davide Raso: Overdubs Guitar (Minneapolis)
- Owen Sartori: Over dubs Guitars (Minneapolis

All Rights for all songs belongs to #ALCHIMY Trio such as : #LoaneR #CélineT #NathalieS

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88 plays