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Added on 30 October 2018

Pull n Way - Anything [new single out now!] https://fanlink.to/pullnway spoti.fi/swissmade #spotify #applemusic #deezer #tidal songwriters ► Dan Scholes & Paul Coxhead producers ► 1and2 Productions Australia performance ► Pull n Way record label ► MUVE Recordings - a division of Musikvertrieb AG all rights reserved by their respective owners and publishers ------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Video ► Atlazfilms https://www.facebook.com/atlazfilms https://www.instagram.com/atlazfilms Video ISRC: CH2181800115 ------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits & Thanks ► Male Model: Raphael Kempter Hair & Makeup: Alisa Ramic Intergalactic Bathbomb: Lush Cosmetics Bathtub: Familly Maeder Bus: Adrian Habermacher Akita Dog: Sandra Jaun Horses: Olivia ------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics ► I’ve been thinking about this for so long About what you do to me I’ve been praying for a change that never comes I’m so scared of what you feel I don’t know what it is you really want But I’m desperate for the truth I’m so tired of second guessing Do you feel love like I do? Cos I would do anything I would lay my heart on the line for you I would do anything if you want this too I would do anything If I could make you see what you do to me I would do anything, you know I would We could be the stars aligned We could be the sunlight in the rain Don’t wanna be a lonely tide As it drifts away Is there someone else you’re dreamin of? Is she giving you what you need? It’s the doubt that cuts me up inside Don’t know how to stop the bleed I will keep holding on I will keep holding on I will keep holding on For you ------------------------------------------------------------------- https://pullnway.com http://www.instagram.com/pullnway
Anything [Single]
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