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Added on 23 November 2018


Over the past ten years, FLIEDER has assembled their own musical world, building on a solid trip-hop and post-rock foundation. As did their heroes of the 90ies, FLIEDER has dedicated itself to the instrumental genre and stuck with their devotion through two studio records in 2010 and 2014, respectively, as well as a live EP recorded with the FLIEDER ENSEMBLE.

Their latest release, PARIA, marks FLIEDER’s coming of age - for one in that Thomas and Thomas let it develop and unfold for two years; but also because the two musicians expanded their agency to taking over the engineering and production on top of performing on all their various instruments, all the while striving for an ever deeper connection as musical partners and long-time friends. As followers of this somewhat peculiar band (by Swiss standards, at least) will have experienced before, FLIEDER’s music is as organic as the lilac tree the band name translates to.

PARIA is an epic rendition of must-have post-rock storytelling and plot twists, from the minute and determined swell, past the flimmering suspense, and headed for a discoesk finale of caramelly congas, swelling synths, and glistening guitars. Call it post-rock if you're so inclined, but what we're talking about here sounds more like post-post-rock. Anyway, it is damn fine instrumental music that cares much more about conveying a genuine feeling than sucking up to the compartmentalizing genre think.

Year of creation
Red Brick Chapel
Daniel Rutz & Oliver Forkel
alternative, electroacoustic, electronica, ambient rock, trip-hop, triphop, postrock, post-punk, post-rock

Credits and thanks

Flieder: Thomas Böhm & Thomas Troxler / Alien: Maximilian Knöbl / Directed & Produced: Daniel Rutz & Oliver Forkel / Costume: Kerstin Pratter / Assistant Director: Leonie Krachler / Thanks to: Sascha Bauer, Salzamt Wien, Seecamping Ottenstein
Track recorded and produced by Flieder. Mixed by Flo Schär. Mastered by Graeme Durham at The Exchange.
Red Brick Chapel No RBC039. All rights reserved.

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