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Leotique - Stranger ft. Dyn (Demo Version)

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Added on 25 November 2018

Year of creation
guitar, stranger, biel-bienne, dyn, leotique

Credits and thanks

Composed/Produced/Written by @Leotique
Vocals by Dyn Dähler
Special Thanks to @FLEOX and Nadine Hauser

Note: This is a demo version only, an official version will be released in 2019.

Lyrics : Stranger

I've never been at this place before
But I could stay some days or more
You choke my heart with sorrow and pain
I've met you once and never again

Say goodbye
I just gotta let you go
And no don't cry
Cause I won't come back no mo(re)

Can't let you out of my sight
We stared in each other's eyes
Don't wanna leave you here alone
I've lost you once and you were gone

Won’t/Don't say goodbye
I won't let you go
Cause in my life
I desire nothing mo(re)

2148 plays