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To Be Free

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Added on 18 January 2019

A Colorful Life
Year of creation
Loyal Cinema
music, singersongwriter, pop, lovis

Credits and thanks

Video by Josip Maricic from Loyal Cinema (http://loyalmusic.ch/LOYAL-CINEMA/)
Makeup by Maja Doppler (http://www.khaleesi.ch/)
Pictures by Dominique Schaffner
Thanks to Marco Hannemann from the fireworks shop (https://www.feuerwerkshop.ch/) for the good advice and the pyros.

Music and lyrics composed and written by Lovis and Elgen.
Produced by Nils Freiwald (http://metallwerk-studios.de) & Rico Horber (http://teamh-productions.com)
Recorded by Tonwerk 132, Metallwerk Studios & Team H Productions, Mallorca
Editing by Nils Freiwald & Pascal Von Allmen
Mixed by Guy Page (http://guypageproducer.com)
Mastered by Dan Suter (http://echochamber.ch)

Thanks to my band, 36zwei Entertainment, family, friends and everyone who believes in me and supports me. <3

41 plays