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Added on 24 January 2019

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Filled with subliminal soundscapes ‘Esteban’ takes you on an underwater odyssey to a place few have ventured before. Organ Mug takes his singular blend of spectral pop and chaotic electronics into the realm of expressionism with no limitations or rules that confine the direction of the track. Infusing elements of 90’s heavyweights Nine Inch Nails & Aphex Twin whilst adding his own flavour. ‘Esteban’ touches upon experimental extremes of genres, blending sounds that take the listener on mind-bending experience along the astral plane.

Organ Mug himself: “This song talks about a little seahorse who decides to « pack his bag and travel sea to sea around the world ». He consequently discovers the amazing variety of life underwater (and even on earth) and he decides to never come back home. Unfortunately, in the end, he gets smashed by a corporate and industrial world. This song also celebrates the escape, this desire to concretely get the fuck far away. It’s also me trying to do a track in the style of « The Life Aquatic with Steeve Zissou » and not succeeding. I always wished I could be part of the ship crew of the Belafonte boat.”

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