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Cocaine & Criminals ..Tenor Youthman

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Added on 4 February 2019

Various Artists Manilla - Riddim
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Inspired by an Ancient African object, Manilla Riddim focuses on the reflection on gratitude and ingratitude, commitment, dependence and liberation.

Danzky describes his experimental Dub music as transcendent and timeless. The analogy between content, feeling, form and cosmos is intended to provide access to higher consciousness. Following from the premise that more exists between heaven and hell than what can be perceived with human senses, Danzky used rare devices to experiment with acoustic refinement to create Manilla Riddim.

released February 1, 2019

Tenor Youthman -- Cocaine and Criminals

Keys; Beats; Programming;
Mixing/Dubs; Producer: Danzky
Drumsamples: Drum Arsenal, Christian Dorn
Percussions: Larry Salzman
Backing Vocalist: Tenor Youthman
Mastering: Precise Mastering: Sam John
Artwork: Koketit, Shira Barzilay

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