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You only live twice (a "submarine" cover)

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Added on 6 February 2019

Working title "Save the last maracas for me"
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"You only live twice" was recorded and released as the title song for the James Bond motion picture "You only live twice" in 1967. The song was originally performed by Nancy Sinatra - and since then several times covered by various artists.
I chose the ambiance of a slow 3/4 ballad beat to give it a more chilling... or resignated?... touch. The instrumentation I held pretty thin - only with acoustic guitar as harmony instrument. Above this a very solistic bass (again) and solo parts of accordeon, mandoline and electric guitar.
Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.
And put on some waterproof clothes... cause this party yacht is going to sink into the sea - where the sound scrambles and somehow shatters.
Much thanx and love to my pal Morad 'Muri' Elia for bringing the sound to the limit.
Love, Tinu

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