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Added on 19 February 2019

video produced and directed by: Gian Marco Castelberg / www.gmcastelberg.com Lucas Ziegler / www.lucasziegler.com Jürg Wey / www.juergwey.ch Maurice Keiser music by: Cégiu album "Restless Roots" out on april 12th, 2019 available via Irascible Distribution http://www.cegiu.com http://www.facebook.com/cegius http://www.instagram.com/cegiumusic http://www.irascible.ch
Restless Roots
Year of creation
musicbox entertainment
Gian Marco Castelberg, Lucas Ziegler
masterdisk, scott hull, thebunkerstudio, bunker studio, nevezie, aaron nevezie, switzerland, lucerne, luzern, horw, irascible music, irascible, musicbox entertainment, ziegler, lucas ziegler, castelberg, gian marco castelberg, please, restless roots, cégiu, cegiu, cello, chamber pop

Credits and thanks

Aaron Nevezie and staff at The Bunker Studio, Scott Hull and staff at Masterdisk, Gian Marco Castelberg, Lucas Ziegler and Morris Keiser, Jürg Wey
Dan Loomis and Laurie Davidson with Dylan and Finn, Peter Kronreif
Robin Mark and Gian-Luca Liesch at Rob Nicolas, Fabienne Schmuki at irascible music
helvetiarockt, Marcel Bieri, Jessiquoi, Pamela Mendez, Andreas Brüll, Hans Kennel, Simon den Otter
Amelio and Andi Mötz, Barbara Custer, Nina Wismer
Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung

70 plays