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7. King of the Universe - La compréhension

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Added on 2 May 2019

Couleurs des Astres
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I was born alone in the dark
Unable to feel my body
Not a sound nor a thing in sight
But these numerous sparks setting free
Waiting for the germination
Of the ever-growing picture
I played with a gorgeous passion Building from the endless matter

And for billions of years I’ve created
All the laws and the bricks that could lead to life But the planets and stars, they obey me
I’m the king and I reign on thee

But I’m getting bored and it’s dangerous
What’s the point of watching over it?
Isn’t it just an ever-repeating shit?

I would cry, I would die to be like you Wondering ‘bout the meaning of the life
But instead I know all
And forever I am condemned to play my role As king of the universe

84 plays