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KKAAN - Difference (official live video)

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Added on 14 May 2019

Soundscapes, waves of emotions. The words emerge, the sounds persist. A synthetic wave sensually submerges a sensitive guitar arpeggio. On a groove with fine depths, electric and vintage sounds are woven. Atop, the singer’s forceful and fragile voice shimmers. Through her alternative pop compositions, Mallika Hermand conveys a taste for an everyday life sublimated by her own personal poetry. The subjects she explores range from love to death, from the issue of choice to that of responsibility.. But always does this young woman’s sensitivity shine forth. Her musicians offer her a precious setting for her evocations: Gaël Zwahlen’s guitar converses with Nicolas Gerber’s keyboards, while Johan Wermeille’s drums propel Nadir Graa’s bass lines.
Year of creation
Mallika Hermand

Credits and thanks

Video : spitzhorn-studio.ch
Video editing : Gaspard Gigon
Filmed by : Camille de Pietro, Gaspard Gigon
Sound recording : Claude Kamber
Sound mixing : Johan Wermeille
Recorded and filmed: 30.03.2019 BFM, Saignelégier (CH)

Mallika Hermand : Vocals and Composition
Nicolas Gerber : Keyboards
Gaël Zwahlen : Guitar
Nadir Graa : Bass
Johan Wermeille : Drums

54 plays