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Andrea Bignasca - Mine [Official Video]

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Added on 5 June 2019

Lyrics: did you see the dress she was wearing today? hey, she’s here, no look, over there oh oh, wish I was tall on daddy’s shoulders oh oh, oh my, I better get back home and then at night I daydream of you still I get in a fight to win over a smile so I vow that tomorrow I’m going to get you to the dance never minding the line I’m just going to make you mine how many laws have you broken today? how many kings have been toppled this way? slowly, slowly I have to breath in slowly slowly, slowly, slowly yet then at times when fear turns to bliss when you shut out the lights when you do those things like the heroes of old I’m going to get my chance steal somebody’s line I’m going to make you mine
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Radicalis Gmbh
Tatum Rush
bignasca, murder, mine, andrea bignasca

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Video by Tatum Rush (https://goo.gl/c36fz7).
Starring Nancy Deleuze.
Andrea's guitar: Reh Guitars (https://www.rehguitars.ch)
Andrea's shirt: Old Captain Co. (https://oldcaptainco.com)

Follow Andrea Bignasca: https://www.facebook.com/bignascaandrea
Andrea Bignasca's sophomore album 'Murder', available for now: http://bignascaandrea.com/ordermurder

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