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shortcut.s | raw ambient soundtrack | full album clip edit

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Added on 5 June 2019

Warning, this video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. This is an ambiant & electro dark soundtrack for an upcoming work in progress experimental serie of short films. Tracklist : 0:00 shortcut.s.01.trip 8:35 shortcut.s.02.dust 18:21 shortcut.s.03.beat 28:21 shortcut.s.04.stir 38:04 shortcut.s.05.rise 46:10 shortcut.s.06.rope 56:06 shortcut.s.07.fate 1:06:04 shortcut.s.08.toll 1:15:52 shortcut.s.09.soar 1:25:41 shortcut.s.10.post shortcut.s | raw ambient soundtrack | full clip album film & music by kieran pavel, 2019 film : shortcut.s.gaze | extended cut copyright (c) kieran pavel 2019 - all rights reserved
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mondo corretto
Kieran Pavel
drone, avant-garde, dark ambient, minimalist, meditation, amsr, electronic, experimental, sensitive

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This is the raw soundtrack to a full feature length experimental/avant-garde film project that will gather a hundred of short clips. As a whole, it will be a hypnotic-visceral & electronic-noise-ambiant project.

The feature Is currently in pre-production phase and production will begin soon. In a few month, I’ll start to publish each short film on a weekly basis for some two years.

And, yes, it's subtitled "raw ambient soundtrack". This means that another take on the soundtrack will allow for a further exploration of it's sounds and is going to be enriched during the full feature's production by integrating sounds from the films and build up a less ambient and more industrial soundtrack.

Full clip edit : youtu.be/tBdTEwwpOQ0

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