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TRAILER - New album 'TRANSGENIC' - 2019

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Added on 5 August 2019

Official Trailer!!! New full length album TRANSGENIC will be out on October 18th on Hummus Records (physical), Dox Records and Membran Entertainment Group (digital) We've been working very hard for an entire year and we came up with this album that we are really proud of. With our previous album Western Lies we took on a whole new path and after 200 shows, we improved this formula. Transgenic is probably our biggest musical achievement to date and we can't wait to present it to you. First single and preorders available on August 23. The upcomming release tour will include: Switzerland, Uk, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Spain. More news soon. Tell the news to everybody around you. We need you :) Dirty Magnety kisses by Stavros, Marco, Maxime
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Hummus Records
Maxime Cosandey
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Artwork by Maxime Cosandey. Illustrations by Arnaud Dousse.

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