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Added on 4 October 2019

The Switch
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© The Switch, 2019. All songs written by The Daily Stumbler. Available digitally in all common stores. Produced by The Daily Stumbler and Dave Demuth. Recorded by Dave Demuth at Klangstelle, Steinmaur. Mixed and mastered by Oli Bösch at Studio U3, Bern. Performing musicians on this EP: David Buntschu (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keys), Andreas Schelker (drums, percussion), Dave Demuth (bass), David Hasler (guitar), Lukas Blattner (keys, percussion) and Pascal Fernandes (flugelhorn, trumpet). Artwork by Tim Frei and Marius Disler. The Daily Stumbler thanks more than 30 funders as well as the City of Lucerne (FUKA-Fonds) and regionalkonferenz kultur region luzern (RKK) for their financial support. Special thanks go to the band, Joël, Petra, Marius, Elia, David, Walter, Brigitte, Timo, Béla, Lukas and Chantal.

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