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Leotique - Gotta Be You (Short Demo Vocals)

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Added on 7 November 2019

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leotique, gotta be you

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Leotique - Gotta Be You (Short Demo)
With my voice as a Pilot Vocal.
Still looking for a Voice/Singer that would fit :)

Gotta Be You

Lyrics :
I made a girl fall in love with me, and never spoke to her again.
Between us, there’s this tangency
We used to be close friends.

It was a pain right in my heart
And a pressure on my chest
We decided to go apart,
This was for the best.

But somehow when I’m looking back
I feel there‘s something wrong with that
My heart is still longing for you
I think we could be more, oh yes I do

You’re so magical you’re a Dream come true
There is no one it’s gotta be you

We could have been a
We used to be (wa)

She said she needs some space, but we could still be friends (:
She made some small mistakes, that’s why this love has to end.
She was just 19, but wiser than we all could have been.

What do we think what do we know (jaja)
What do we say what do we mean (blah)
And do we know each other good enough (na)
Why do we fight why do we love oh lala la

Where do we go when our mind disappears?
How can we start again so we won’t end up here?
To all those moments we have spent
Could we go back to then, when we were just friends?

This isn’t love why don’t you let it be ?
You know there’s something where we disagree
I don’t think we could be more than just friends
Why don’t we go back again
Back to reality ?

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