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Be As I Am Metamorphosis

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Added on 20 November 2019

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Tenaj ‘Be As I Am Metamorphosis’

‘Tenaj is making some of the best music out there’ – The Radio Cafe

‘Be As I am Metamorphosis’ is the new club banger with the killer topline by the award winning dance artist Tenaj. The track is ready to make you dance joining to a non-stop summer party. Tenaj says “ Be as I am is all about finding your inner self and be authentic to you and the other people. Even if you don’t like me, I need to be as I am. The song is full of positivity.’’

The new single is a collaboration between Tenaj and Myha Marie, a very talented songwriter who was the main vocalist and songwriter for Britney Spears. The well-known producer Austin Leeds, who has collaborated with Avicii, Tiesto and many other DJs is behind the slick production of the new track.

At a very young age, Tenaj won various beauty pageants and was dancing at high profile events. When she grew up, she decided to take her career further moving to Los Angeles and studying music at the prestigious LA Music Academy. She has won multiple Hollywood Music Awards for the Best Emerging Artist and Best EDM Song. She was 8 weeks in the number 1 on the Club Radio Charts in the USA and had a great success at the ITunes top 100, Swiss dance Charts, Radio AirPlay Now, Examinar, Record World Chart and Edge Music.

Tenaj is currently working in a new single release with Vessbroz and planning a massive club tour. Keep checking her socials for the latest updates.

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