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Added on 14 January 2020

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In order to move, you have to let go. Elveda, which means farewell in Turkish, is one of our most painful experiences in life. To lose a loved one is what we all have to go through along the way. Nothing stays the same, everything changes. Hope and faith give us the power to move on and the reason to proceed on our journey. Our past is the soil out of which we grow, heaven is our future which caresses and nourishes us, the tree of life is our existence in the present.
Through Elveda, TIKK the brotherhood tries to express their feelings about leaving the past behind and going on in the circle of life and death. Nobody knows where we come from nor where our journey is taking us. But the awareness of the finite makes us cherish the moment and all the beautiful things in life which surround us. And what we bear in our hearts can never be lost.

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