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Organic Sacrifice

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Added on 20 March 2020

Dirtected by Michael Maillard Call it the Corona Blues. But this song was actually written before... You'll find it on our dystopian record "Transgenic" (October 2019). Appears we were a few months too early... By no means, is this music video encouraging people to act against recommendations from the government. It's only Rock'n'Roll, stay Home!!!! – Lyrics Oh look, there ain’t no fooling around There ain’t no movement at all Some day, there won’t be cities no more People will be staying put No children playing outside Oh look, mothers ain’t cooking today Fathers ain’t reaching out Some day, we won’t need love anymore We won’t need our bodies to breed No children playing outside 4x Oh look, people ain’t thinking no more Everybody’s acting the same Some day, we won’t need notes anymore Music won’t be understood No children playing outside Oh look, the kids are watching porn The kids are always high No children playing outside 6x FOLLOW DIRTY SOUND MAGNET Website - http://www.dirtysoundmagnet.com/ Bands in Town - https://bit.ly/2Zkv7gk Facbeook - https://bit.ly/30lbBxs Instagram - https://bit.ly/2zaFswJ @dirtysoundmagnet Twitter - https://bit.ly/33OyefV Bandcamp -https://bit.ly/2HvTVsU Youtube - https://bit.ly/2zllWhn Spotify - https://spoti.fi/2Gga2XB FOLLOW HUMMUS RECORDS website - http://www.hummus-records.com Facebook - https://bit.ly/2ZfDbz2 Instagram - https://bit.ly/2ZcmVuI @hummusrecords youtube - https://bit.ly/2TKaQLW bandcamp - https://bit.ly/2UvnIbV soundcloud - https://bit.ly/31PxhCd
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Michael Maillard
apoclypse, alternative, alternative rock, rock, psychedelic rock

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