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Kiddios Cave

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Added on 14 February 2020

Kiddios Cave
Year of creation
Waterfall of Colours
dreampop, shoegaze, indie

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Zurich-based dreampop and shoegaze-quartet Inbetween Movies are back with new single «Kiddios Cave». Their refreshing mixture of frayed melodies and modern beats is reaching people around the world. The previous first two singles have gained thousands of plays on Youtube and Spotify – without the band's effort doing extensive promo. 

With the new single «Kiddios Cave» getting into radio-programmes could work for the first time. The pulsating beat, carried by spherical hooklines, goes deep. Thematically, the song revolves around the moment when a relationship is actually already over, but both sides are still fighting for getting it together again. A situation that everyone knows and that moves. Yoiu can feel the glue of hope between the chords.

50 plays