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Added on 28 March 2020

Year of creation
Unagi Sound

Credits and thanks

Richard Spooner: Lyrics
Greg Arnold,: Lyrics
Valerie Martinez: Photography
Toby May: Music, Perform, Mix

It started after Toby May and Richard Spooner shared a conversation about the state of the world a few weeks ago, the bulk of the lyrics and musical ideas came very fast, during Richard's drive to a gig in Schaffhausen actually....he was driving and shouting lyrics over the phone to Toby who was at home with a guitar and paper & pencil!

After Toby laid the initial ideas at his studio in Geneva, Greg Arnold made some wonderful additions that really rounded up the story we were trying to tell..

Of course, in the last couple of weeks with all that’s going on, their words and music have taken on another meaning...

Toby finished the track under lock-down in his kitchen today.

#hometogether #mixedathome #quarantine

27 plays