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The Black Boar

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Added on 25 May 2020

For old Celts were spirit animals, a sign of courage and power, also a symbol for war and disorder. Traits was the King of Boars, an pagan creature in Irish mythology. The the counterpart could be the Welsh legend, Twrch Trwyth, a prince of Wales, who had been cursed and transformed into a wild boar. He was hunted by King Arthur and and after a long hard battle the boar swam out to the sea and disappeared. This more humorous adaption suggests that the boar tricked King Arthur and only hid under the cliff, he’s still among us…
The Black Boar
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Folks Alive Records
Steve Diener
irish rock, folk metal, rock, folk punk, folkpunk, irish punk, celtic rock, celtic punk

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Many thanks to Steve Diener for filming and editing this great video - https://www.afrox.ch

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