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Saving Myself (Lyric Video)

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Added on 15 April 2020

I started writing this song in October 2019, redrafting it in January and going into production beginning of March, just when due to the coronavirus pandemic Europe shut its borders and went on lockdown. Ironically, the theme of the song is about what happens to you, when everything falls apart… I never thought this would happen the way it has! Still, it’s a hopeful song and I am sure there is also a lot of good in this terrible tragedy that we all are facing. Maybe by discovering how thankful one can be about the small things in life that one normally doesn’t notice.
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Byron Trieb
#urban, #songwriter, #groove, #rock, #video, #newsongout

Credits and thanks

Song written and performed by Dave Curl
Produced, mixed, and mastered by k.o. - recording arts.
Additional E-Guitar by Holger Düchting. Filmed by Byron Trieb.

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