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Samora – Free Up

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Added on 3 June 2020

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«Free up» is a song about raising your consciousness, about freeing yourself from mental boundaries. Samora believes that you can reach so much more in life if you let go of excuses, if you have a true belief in yourself and your abilities and if you are capable of breaking down the prison you’ve built around yourself. And she thinks that you should let every impact in your life become a chance for bringing the best out of you.

Samora got inspired for this song on a trip to the Swiss mountains where she experienced breathtaking moments that unleashed a feeling deep within her. So on her way back home she instantly started writing on the song…

Composer (Music): Res Staudenmann, Thomas Ola, Ludovic Hoarau
Songwriter (Lyrics): Samora Souprayen, Res Staudenmann
Mixed by: Ludovic Hoarau (Kiro Musicmaker)
Mastered by: Oli Bösch (Studio U3)

173 plays